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Shereka is the co-founder of Family Strategists, LLC, author of Proceeding from Pain to Purpose: To Embark on Your Destiny Workbook, and host of the Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity Podcast. She is passionate about empowering individuals to find a sense of peace and purpose in their lives by intentionally practicing self-care, self-compassion, and self-love. ​

Shereka has been a professional life coach for over 8 years, and recently she became a Certified Life Coach Trainer. She earned her initial life coaching certification from The Certified Life Coach Institute. She received specialized training through Driven Universal, The Academy for Coaching Parents International, Transformation Academy, Lisa Powers Health & Wellness, The Priority Academy, and Formidable Coaching Institute. Areas of specialization include: Resilience Coaching, Life Coaching for Parents & Families, Spiritual Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki I & II, and meditation. Shereka was recently certified in Children's Yoga through YogaRenew. 

Aside from life coaching, Shereka has spent many years giving back to her local community as a violence prevention educator specializing in healthy relationships and social-emotional learning for youth. Shereka has facilitated workshops for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, churches, shelters, teen centers, summer camps, foster care programs, and other youth-serving organizations.

Shereka decided to become a plant mom in the middle of the pandemic. It was a great way to bring the peace and a piece of the outdoors inside of her home when masks were required outside. Learning to care for plants became a new way to bond with her children, Brian and Olivia, and her husband Chris. As an added bonus, having her plant babies in the background of her virtual coaching sessions, brightened up the moods of Shereka's clients. ​

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The Ultimate Reset Membership Program Beta

Shereka Dunston
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You will gain exclusive access to a community of Black Millennial and Gen. X women who would like to engage in life transformation through spiritual alignment and the intentional pursuit of purpose. As a member, you will receive 20% off select products and services by Life Coach Shereka Dunston.

Members will engage in soulwork activities, reflections and guided meditations that cover the following topics:

- Uncovering true identity 

- Identifying core values

- Radical self-love, self-compassion & self-forgiveness

- Spiritual alignment

- Purpose 

- Visioning work

- Spiritually-aligned goal-setting

- Overcoming self-limiting beliefs

- Manifestation

Life Coach Shereka Dunston will post weekly activities in the private Facebook group on Sundays. Members will have the opportunity to interact with each other and Life Coach Shereka Dunston every day in the group as they explore the activities and reflect on their experiences. There will be two live, interactive workshops offered via Zoom each month, which will be recorded for members to watch later. 

Program launches February 7, 2021.

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Access to a private Facebook group, soulwork, interactive virtual workshops, and discounts on select services and products.

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The Ultimate Reset Membership Program Beta

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