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Coaching Confidence Monthly Mentoring Membership

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You will gain exclusive access to a community of mostly Black women in the life coaching industry who desire to increase their skills and grow their businesses under the mentorship and guidance of Life Coach Shereka Dunston. As a member, you will receive 20% off select products and services offered by Life Coach Shereka Dunston. 

Members will engage in activities to

- Increase their coaching skills

- Clarify their coaching identity

- Connect to their tribes

- Develop engaging content

- Practice effective boundaries

- Expand their businesses from a 1:1 model

- Find collaborators 

- Increase their revenues. 

Life Coach Shereka Dunston will post weekly activities in the private Facebook group on Sundays. Members will have the opportunity to interact with each other and Life Coach Shereka Dunston every day in the group as they explore the activities and reflect on their experiences. There will be two live, interactive workshops offered via Zoom each month, which will be recorded for members to watch later. 

Program opens for new members February 28, 2021.

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$20 a month

Coaching Confidence Monthly Mentoring Membership

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